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We are a very small not-for-profit corporation (501c3) and usually when someone asks who started this I say, God and then it's my husband and I and more of God. I figure with God on our team we can do all things. Our initial response was motivated, in a large part, by the report in local news of the visit of some Christians to the Gaza Border bases, bringing a message of doom and gloom. My heart was so grieved, as I know some of God's heart and His eternal love and covenant with Israel.


Now is the time to stand up as true Christians and Jews and show the Jewish people here in this land that we love and support them; the true support that comes by loving on them in a very tangible way of cakes and cookies. These acts of love have the potential to undo the effect of thousands of years of persecutions and abuse at the hands of Christians. Let your support as Christians and Jews from around the world be a message to Israel that you're praying for them, for their government, their borders and their soldiers. And while you pray, you're blessing them with Peace, Shalom שלום

Genesis 12:3 " I will Bless those who bless You" 

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