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Many times I pull up to the base and again I need to explain who we are and what we do. Sometimes the destination is in the middle of nowhere. It is hard to believe that there could be places like this in our small country. I usually imagine that the young man on duty in front wonders how I managed to get there. Then, when I assure them that I came just for them, they're excited to see what kind of 'goodies" I have for them. It never fails that they are always surprised my team and I would come specifically to them and pass off some "lovin-from-the-oven" to them. Thank you for giving and helping us with this to support our soldiers.


We bake all of our cakes in my little kitchen at my home, some days working from early morning to late at night, trying to get as many as 60 cakes baked during one day. We then wrap them up with lots of love and eagerly I await to see who all I will meet in my next outing. In the wintertime, soldiers like when I bake the cakes in the little metal pans, so they can put them on top of their radiator heaters and warm them up before eating. You might ask what is their favorite cake? It is the Banana Chocolate Chip Cake, hands down. I even have had a few wanting the recipe, maybe some day I'll post it. It's actually quite easy, just load it up with chocolate, banana's and LOVE.


Most of you probably do not know that even though I am very patriotic towards this beautiful little country of ours, I have NO IDEA of all the ranks in this army. I never know if I am speaking to a foot soldier or a commander. One time this young man at the front gate, when I asked him to call the commander to ask permission to pass out goodies to the guys, he looked at me and then looked at his shoulder where his rank was posted. I, of course, had no idea what was going on and completely missed the whole thing. Still waiting for a Commander, when I think somehow or another that THIS young man was the Commander. I am so glad that I treat them all with the respect they deserve. Each soldier that I meet has put their life on hold to specifically answer the call of their nation of Israel at this time, whether it's for a few years or a bit longer. To know that I can sleep in my bed at night, free of thoughts or worry towards the enemy because THEY are on duty. Somehow in the midst of all that they go through they give new meaning to the words,


The ranks I have served are as follows:

Mishmar Ha'Gvul- Border Patrol Police




Air Force

Infantry Battalions

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